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Terms & Conditions


Please read carefully the following:


Given the fact, that when sending and receiving any order using the Internet (online ordering), there is no human factor interference, users must take into account the following terms before entering personal information and order details.

The submission of a purchase request through this website or any other allocated means implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms on your behalf. These terms will govern every transaction between us.

Active Life KOINSEP cannot guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the and bears no responsibility whatsoever regarding any technical or other problem arising during the use of the website.

All transactions between us will be governed by the current legislation on electronic commerce, consumer protection, protection of the individual from the processing of personal data and the applicable tax provisions.


When you register, you are required to enter in the special electronic form provided, your personal information. These data must be supplemented accurately by you, as they will be used for the purposes of successful completion of our transactions. We bear no responsibility in the event of you posting of untrue or inaccurate data.

Orders placed through our website using your personal information and the codes you have entered, are presumed as your own, as you are solely responsible for handling your passwords and their protection.

The details of the order and the contact details of the customers ordering for the first time can be confirmed by telephone. For this reason and in order to have the option of immediate confirmation please provide during your online order a telephone number for the delivery address.

Before placing your order, it is your responsibility to study the technical and qualitative characteristics of our products, as they appear in the relevant sections of our website.

If you cancel your order when it is at the shipping stage, you will be charged with the shipping costs.


The delivery of our products will be made to your designated address at the indicative time indicated in the confirmation of your order. If for any reason whatsoever, we cannot meet the delivery date, we will keep you informed and propose a new delivery timetable. Reasons for delay could include: Customization of products, Specialized items, Unforeseen circumstances or remote delivery area.

Your inability to receive our products at your designated address and time and further request for re-dispatching them at a different location with a new timetable will potentially entail additional charges.

Warning: Upon receipt of your order, please ensure that there are no damage to the packaging that may have been caused during transport. By signing the receipt you confirm that the product is complete and in good condition. The driver is obliged (if there is damage to the package) to wait until you check the products and you should not let him leave before completing the check. In case of minor wear of the packaging, tell the driver to make an official recording of this.

If the packaging is in perfect condition but the products are defective, you are covered by the warranty provided by the manufacturing company in accordance with their return policy.


The days and times of delivery are defined by each courier with which we operate and may vary according to the place of delivery. It is usually Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 17.00 pm (excluding holidays). All deliveries outside this timetable will have to be arranged directly with our couriers in order to find the appropriate delivery slot. All communications and potential additional delivery costs are arranged between the buyer and the courier company without any involvement of Active Life KOINSEP.


When filling out the order form, you must specify the form of payment. Payment options are: 

Payment on delivery , 

Credit/Debit card,

Bank deposit,


The customer accepts unreservedly and has no objection that after the completion of each order, the shipment of the relevant tax information (receipt, invoice) will be made exclusively by electronic message sending (e-mail) to the email address that the user submitted when registering on this platform.


The products you will receive cover all the necessary quality requirements and bear the qualities and characteristics that the construction company

Our company is not responsible for potential product defects, these are the responsibility of the manufacturing company.

Our company is not responsible in cases where the use of products is made with other, unacceptable ways from those specified by the manufacturer, who alter, or destroy the product. Or create the condition for the user's injury or endanger his or her life. If you notice when you receive your product any defect or problem, we recommend that you immediately inform us and refrain from using the product.


Our company will examine in good faith every complaint for any product or our services and take into consideration every recommendation to further improve them.


Returned products will only be accepted in case of defects or if their properties and features are other than those mentioned on our website..

According to the Law on consumer Protection, the customer has the right to withdraw and return the product within seven (7) calendar days from the date of receipt. The product must be in its original state, not used, its packaging intact (closed) and includes the original content. In addition, you must include the proof of retail sale. The refund will only be accepted upon approval of the company.

In this case, the return costs will be borne by the customer.

In the case of a defective product, in its operation (DOA), the customer has the right to get a replacement the defective product with a new one or replace it with another product of his liking at a corresponding price within seven (7) calendar days from the date of receipt.

In this case, the return costs will be borne by the customer.

In case of incorrect dispatch of a product, which will be due to our company or our suppliers/associates, the customer shall have the right to return the product within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt. The product must be in its original state, not used, its packaging intact (closed) and include the original content.

In this case, the return costs will be borne by our company.

In any case, all product returns will need to be approved by Active Life KOINSEP prior to their delivery in accordance with the return and replacement policy set by the respective manufacturer. All returned products should be in the same condition in which you received them.

1. Cash on delivery

All products are eligible for payment “Cash on delivery” as long as they are shipped with the company ELTA Courier and you pay at the time of receipt.

Note: For orders shipped with other courier or transport companies, cash on delivery is not applicable and payment is made either through bank deposit or credit / debit card.

2. Bank deposit

You deposit the money into the bank account and inform us by phone or email at Your name with your order number should necessarily be mentioned in the statement of reasons if it is an invoice.

In case of a bank transfer by a bank other than the banks we work with, you will need to add 3 euros to the total amount of the transfer to cover the transaction fees to the bank.

3. By credit/debit card.

All credit and debit cards of VISA, MASTERCARD and all banks are accepted. You choose as a payment method "credit card" and upon completing your order you will be redirected to the Secure Eurobank payment page to complete the transaction.

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