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In, your online scuba dive, ski, extreme sport and outdoor life shop, we offer you a huge range of products from leading brands. In we think not just about selling the best equipment but also about giving the right advice and communication.

With over 10 years of diving experience, we can help you to choose the right equipment for divers, snorkelers, and all water sports enthusiasts who can enjoy shopping a huge selection of everything you need for your diving trips, as: snorkeling gear, diving suits, diving computers, diving regulators, fins and always at the best price.

In addition, we offer you the best experience on your purchase with comments about our products, complete descriptions and key characteristics we want to show you!

We are always looking for ways to improve your experience, using the latest technology to provide you with the most detailed product information. When you buy at our store, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our main principles are cooperation, fair prices and good service. We only offer products which are of a quality we are convinced of.

Our goal is to provide everybody with the knowledge they need to make an informed and unbiased purchase. Our website is secured using SSL certificates to keep your information safe. We are also certified by Trusted Shop and online trust; this means that when you buy your goods, you can rest assured that it is 100% safe. We offer a return policy of 15 days.

 With so many choices and prices is hard to resist. You join?

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